The Teachers 

The Teachers of the World of Wisdom guide the various aspects of the task.
These Teachers each have their own quality and their own energy, such as healing, protection, harmony and so on.

One Teacher says: ‘If we would want to explain to you who we are, we cannot find any earthly concept to compare us to. We have never been on this earth as a human being, but we know what is going on, because all essences, both in the visible and invisible world are part of us.
We are a form of energy and are very comprehensive. You as a human being could not possibly imagine this, because you have grown up with an image of a God that sits on a throne in heaven, waiting for your return.
Many people have an image of Jesus, an image of God, but these are all pictures passed on to you during your life by parents, by school, and by the religions. And when you take these pictures and multiply them by ten, you still only have a faint idea of who we are.

Try to imagine the World of Wisdom as a big swimming pool where you can find a paddling pool, a beginners’ pool, the advanced pool, and the diving pool. All essences that have chosen the human form, can be seen as the drops of water in the paddling pool. This paddling pool has seven pool attendants and each pool attendant’s task is to guide the essences that are present in their energy.
When the essence knows itself as well as the paddling pool, it makes a transition to the beginners’ pool where other pool attendants, other Teachers are present.
Be aware that your essence’s place is that of a part of a larger whole.

We use the symbolic image of the pool because it is an image that your thinking hat can comprehend. Yet, this is only a poor metaphor, as we are beyond your thinking hat and your thinking hat cannot fathom who we are.
However, you can be sure that our strength and our vibration are able to reach the whole world, and that we are able to touch all the essences that are present in our energy. Through your essence you are always in contact with one of us because you are part of us, but whether or not you are aware of this is another question. We are not allowed to break through your thoughts, only you have that freedom.
We are always there, but human himself has to open the gate, and has to learn to consciously make contact with us...