The Teachers use spiritual helpers and I am one of them. My present life is defined by the task, I accepted before I was born. As a child I was not aware of this at all, although I regularly heard “a blue voice” (that’s what I called the Teacher’s voice), that has guided me at crucial moments in my life. That does not alter the fact that I have lived my own life, have had to learn the hard way, and received the necessary knocks along the way.
I did not want to have anything to do with psychic matters, actually it frightened me, but I kept meeting people, who wanted to tell me how the physical as well as the spiritual world worked.  Each time this happened I noticed a reaction in myself; I became very restless and I felt that it was possible to have another perspective on this.
In any case little by little it became clear to me that this was the common thread in my life, that I could not ignore and finally I came to realize that I had to do something with it.
About 35 years ago I had a vision of a magnificent, brilliant white figure who walked up to me. He appeared to me to be extremely tall, with a slim build, with long silver-coloured, wavy hair that came down to his waist. He was wearing a long white frock, which was hanging in folds draped on de floor.
The whole apparition radiated such a brilliant white light that it hurt my eyes.
From his open hands streamed a powerful bundle of white light. This energy entered deep within me. It also covered me in a protective layer over my whole body. At that moment I realized that my hands were hurting. I looked at my hands and saw the same white energy flowing from them.
After this experience I hesitatingly started magnetizing and built up a private practice. While giving the treatments I received more and more messages that were intended for the clients and this enabled me to get used to the energies that were coupled with these messages.
Later I also received information that was meant for me, and gradually I received more and more lessons.
This period of instruction occurred over a number of years in which I got plenty to digest every week, but in which I also was allowed to make excursions into the World of Wisdom.

This prior period has been necessary to get used to the powerful vibration, that flows through my body via my essence, as I don't use physical powers, but this Force is passed through my essence consciousness.
It also means that I am not psychic, I don't use spiritual senses and I am dependent on what the Teachers pass on to me.

Later on the instruction was given to organize evening classes, so that the Teachers could give their lessons to people who were searching for them.
Again I wasn't jumping with joy, but I understood that this was an oppertunity the World of Wisdom was waiting for, to continue its mission and spread the teaching of the spiritual laws.

In the meantime I still received my weekly lessons about my personal situation which considerably changed my outlook on life, but that were also intended to give us a deeper insight into ALL-THAT-IS.  

In the beginning of the year 2012 the Teachers announced further developments. It meant that as the energy of the World of Wisdom was rooted in the Netherlands, a new subdivision of the activities became necessary. 
They appointed five people who collectively formed the basis, covering all the different aspects of our work.
From that time my role has been to act as an intermediary while I give lectures.  As a member of the Advisory Committee I give guidance to the basic group and I have the task to write the many texts.