The Teachers of the World of Wisdom use spiritual helpers. Magda Witsiers is such a helper. She has been in charge of these meetings for years, where she acts as an intermediary for the Teachers and transmits their energy and their lessons.

A meeting has two parts; before the break the visitors receive energy and after the break the lesson begins and the visitors get the opportunity to ask their personal questions. The language during this lesson is Dutch.

The Teacher: this energy from the World of Wisdom is passed by Magda via her thumbs on to you. At the same time, she will look you in the eyes, because also her eyes pass this energy.
While receiving the energy there is no opportunity to ask questions.
Afterwards you can quietly leave  the room and you can use the remaining time to allow the energy to flow through your body.
It may be that some visitors do not feel like attending the lesson and  leave after the break. That is fine because every man is free and you know our principle: ‘the freedom of man is the greatest good.’

During the meetings there are five books (in Dutch) on the reading table:  Wijsheden, Wetmatigheden, De Ezel en de Klaproos, Bewustzijn and Gedichten.
All teachings  that we have transmitted in recent years are compiled in these books. In the course of 2016 the book ‘Wealth of Wisdom’ will become available in French, German and English.